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Origin: 2020

In 2020 Esco saw a unique food entertainment opportunity. Though he wouldn’t consider himself a foodie, that’s exactly why he pursued it. He felt there was an untapped market to create food entertainment content for people like him. 

“I was never interested in watching a food show because it was never targeted to me,” he said. “I saw an opportunity there. I wanted to focus on what I thought would be entertainment around the food.” 

The Story 

Esco launched Esco Eats, which began as a food entertainment video series of humor-infused, behind-the-scenes restaurant visits, food reviews and recipe creations. He even caught the attention of a producer in Los Angeles who requested a pilot season. Like so many business ventures, however, things didn’t go the way Esco planned. 

“We were recording the show and then the pandemic happened,” he said. “We couldn’t go out to restaurants anymore.”

Esco knew that he’d have to adapt his business model for Esco Eats to survive the pandemic. He thought back to one of his recent videos where he botched an apple pie recipe but ended up creating something delicious: the perfect balance of pie and cobbler. 

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