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Our Story

"Being a food critic would be a cool job" is a statement that many probably would agree with, especially all the foodies of the world. However, this random comment amongst a group of college friends planted a seed in the mind of a young college athlete. 


What if he could change the landscape of cooking shows in a way that features people that look like him and attract a younger audience? This moment led to ideas, visions, and days of brainstorming that ultimately was the birth of Esco Eats. 


However, Esco's food journey began in high school when he cooked his first-ever dessert: banana pudding. Just like many others, he did not start cooking out of passion but instead started cooking out of PURE necessity. He simply was....just hungry. Over the years, he realized just like him a lot of people were either cooking out of necessity or did not cook at all.  


Esco isn't interested in becoming a world-class cook but instead wants to teach the world through Esco Eats. A brand built on creativity and entertaining the everyday person by teaching them in a way that is funny, random, and that leaves room for mistakes..one adventure at a time.