Get A Slice

The World Famous Apple Cobbler Pie is currently in two locations in the Atlanta area. You can get a slice of happiness at Created Nobel Ice-Cream Shop & Sweet Potato Cafe in Stone-Mountain Village. 

Created Nobel Ice-Cream Shop

Located on 381 Edgewood, Created Nobel offers locally made all natural ice cream using only Grade-A sweet cream, pure cane sugar, and the finest natural flavorings available. They even offer vegan ice cream including coconut-based varieties by First Batch Artisan and "Eye Sea Cream" sea moss based options by Food Swingz for Every Body! Our World Famous Apple Cobbler Pie pared with their ice cream is a match made in heaven. 


Sweet Potato Cafe

Farm-to-table cuisine implies fresher ingredients that improve the taste and has a higher nutritional value. As expected, their fresh and simple menu feature's items made with the vitamin-rich sweet potato such as homemade biscuits, cobbler and hand-cut fries. After a great meal you deserve a world class dessert. Esco Eats World Famous Apple Cobbler Pie pairs great!


Where Would You Like To See Us Next?

If you believe our World Famous Apple Cobbler Pie would pair well at another dining establishment email us and we will check it out!